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Close to Home

March 29, 2020

Perhaps like many of you, I have not be able to get out as I used to. So I’ve been walking around the property of the retirement community in which I live. Before our small gym was closed, I would work out first thing in the morning, so I missed photographing this time of day. It’s a small silver lining that I’m now out and about, often (when it isn’t cloudy) seeing the sun come up. I’m so lucky to be near nature, especially water, which I love to photograph. I’m also lucky, as are all of you, to be able to travel electronically. Please stay as safe as you can. We need each other.

1 The sun came up just as I was approaching these woods.

2 A few minutes later, the sunlight was positively illuminating the trees and shrubs. The light really was this yellow.

3 Last year’s leaves still hold appeal for me. Here are some submerged under water.

4 This photo is from an age ago: March 1, but it was taken on our premises and seems to fit this collection.



This is either a heath or a heather, sprinkled with snow—the kind that looks like miniature snow balls.

8 We’re enjoying the last few weeks of being able to see the straw colors of old weeds. Soon all will be green. It’s a trade off.


10 These are cattails and duckweed in a vernal pool. It’s where the spring peepers most like to hang out these days, when it’s warm enough for them.

11 This is Green Pond, one of more than six ponds on the property. It’s hard to say how many there are. Some are not named, and some may be considered too small to count as real ponds.

12 My camera and Lightroom said that this is an overexposed photograph of Meadow Pond.

13 My camera and Lightroom said that this is a properly exposed photograph of Meadow Pond. I think I like the overexposure better.

14 Here is another view of Meadow Pond.

15 Headed home one day after photographing around the property, I found a red-winged blackbird singing from a flowering maple tree.