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Trees, Grassses, and More Cattails

January 31, 2021

Another walk around my neighborhood Friday, this time to check out some water features other than Island Pond, yielded a few goodies.

1 If I remember right, the white trees at the edge of Green Pond are sycamores.

2 The corkscrew willow at the edge of Heiser Pond is more interesting to me in winter than in other seasons.

3 This oak tree trails its branches in Green Pond, now holding them tight with ice.

4 Long grass (or it is a sedge?) grows along Farmer’s Pond.


6 Some cattails are a jumble in Heiser Pond.

7a The cattails in Buttonbush Vernal Pool are overshadowed by trees along the edge of the water.

7b Reprocessed

7c Reprocessed again

8 The sinking sun picks out cattails in Farmer’s Pond.