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Looking for Spring

April 3, 2022

Took the camera out for a spin yesterday, looking for spring in my neighborhood. The pickings were slim.

1 No spring in the groundskeeping yard, but at least some color.

2 I can’t say that this slice of a dumpster wall is springlike either, but it, too, showed some color.

3 An upturned old sled doing duty as a frost protector in a community-garden plot offered less color.

4 No color here, but sunlight enhanced some scrap plastic at a construction site.

5 Blue sky was not hovering above the Buttonbush Vernal Pool when I took this photo, so it did not reflect in the water.

6 The peek-a-boo clouds let in a little blue sky in a bit later.

7 The blue held while I photographed a pile-up of last year’s cattails in the pool, but the look of spring was evasive.

8 Finally! The good old willow tree at Meadow Pond was beginning to strut its stuff.

9 Skies were beginning to cloud over again, but this red-winged blackbird was happy about something—maybe the spring it knows will come.