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Making Lemonade in Oberlin

December 19, 2021

Last Sunday I was all set to do what I call wandering northern Ohio. It’s when I drive out of town and zig-zag my way, always choosing to turn onto roads where cars must stop for the road I am on. Rural roads let me stop along the side or even in the road to take photographs of what I see, and the more rural the better. But I had to put air in my tires before taking that trip. And I couldn’t get the valve cap off the first tire. Scratch that plan. Instead I drove a few blocks, parked the car, and walked around downtown Oberlin. This is what I saw.

1 I’ve photograph the pavement of the old bank drive-through many times.

2 It has had a variety of appearances over the years.

3 Currently, visible here and in #1, the concrete pad is embellished with what looks like a spill of fresh-ish cement.

4 There’s often something new.

5 Not far away is this tree in front of an old brick wall.

6 Shadows interact with traffic arrows on alley pavement nearby.

7 In another alley I found what I think was subflooring that had once been covered in tiles.




11 And of course I had to check out my favorite Oberlin dumpster.

12 I was delighted to see that it had changed its colors again.