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36 Degrees Fahrenheit in Oberlin

Thinking I’d have to restrict my photographing time to an hour so I could do other things, I headed toward downtown this morning. Hah! Restrict? I didn’t even last the hour. I swear I’ve photographed in colder temperatures, but today was just too cold for me. Maybe the effect of cold is cumulative. 😉 I was lucky enough during my half-hour foray to add to two of my photographic series.

1 Here, and through number 6, is the old bank drive-through again.






7 I’m not sure what this is, but it was near the old bank drive-through.

8 I’m sure this sign wasn’t referring to my camera, but how appropriate.

9 Speaking of dumpsters . . .

10 A few days ago someone asked me if I had a favorite dumpster. Yup. This is it. The last two photographs are of the same one. What a beauty.