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Winter’s Waning?

February 28, 2021

Our neighborhood is looking different this week compared to last week. Blankets of snow are more attractive to my eye, but I’m happy to see signs of thaw for their signal of coming spring.

1 This is the same Rock Pond plant that I photographed in January.

2 Its neighbor shows the same melting around the base of the plant.

3 On Wildflower Hill the snow melts around broken stems.

4 Parts of Heiser Pond show rust-colored patches. Are they submerged dried cattails?

5 A drain tile emptying into Heiser Pond makes a pattern in the thawing ice that resemble a tree’s shadow.

6 Snow snuggles into a depression in autumn’s grass on the edge of Heiser Pond.

7 On the other side of Wildflower Hill a large swath of leftover snow shows wave patterns created by wind on snow that rain had wet down.