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A Foggy Day in Oberlin

October 17, 2021

Earlier this month we were blessed with magnificent morning fog. I skipped my usual workout that day to walk around my neighborhood lest the fog lift while I was curling my biceps.

1 Rock Pond intervened between the foliage in front of me and the trees in the distance.

2 You’ll be forgiven for seeing faces in the tree trunk. Two of my friends have—one saw an owl, one an old man. I intended neither.

3 Grasses and cattails abound in my neighborhood.

4 I don’t understand where the ditch water picked up its blue color; I thought the sky was pretty much white. Maybe there was a hole in the fog and clouds.

5 Here is one of my takes on Island Pond that day.

6 And another.

7 And another.

8 Is there ever a foggy day without dew-spangled spider webs?

9 Even though photographing them is cliché, I can’t resist.

10 Especially when they are this good.

11 I found an informative video online of a spider building its web.