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May Showers, May Flowers

May 16, 2021

It felt like the rain was never going to let up. But it did, and we’ve had several sunny days lately. I made a few brief forays with the camera and one nice longish one, all in my neighborhood.

1 I found the sun and clouds in Heiser Pond the evening before a string of sunny days.

Last year people pulled out all the cattails they possibly could from Heiser Pond lest they totally fill the pond. This year, you’d hardly know it.

3 Hard to believe I’ve lived this long and never noticed red cones on a conifer before this spring. My resident botanist says this is a female spruce cone. the smaller brown cones are male. The red cones turn brown as they mature.

4 I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw these lady’s mantle leaves with beaded water. But I had my phone!

5 Evening light made me pay attention to this yucca plant and rock, which I pass almost daily without noticing.

6  A close crop reveals an interesting feature.

7 Our Wildflower Hill is adorned with dame’s rocket just now.

8 Solomon’s seal is blooming in my friend’s garden. That’s ajuga in the background.

9 More ajuga flanks some bedstraw.

10 I’d been trying for two weeks to get a half-decent photograph of forget-me-nots. The background was never right. Found these yesterday.

11 Same with this yellow rocket: never in the right place. Until yesterday.

12 Light hit this grass in just the right way yesterday morning.

13 This was the morning view across Island Pond. Later in the day I walked past the pond again and couldn’t pick out the no-longer-spotlit tree from all the surrounding ones.

14 Those of you who know I don’t photograph flowers may know I don’t photograph animals either.