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From the Archives of 2008—1

January 9, 2022

I took a few photographs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Madison, Wisconsin, in summer 2008 that may be share-worthy.


1 I was in Ann Arbor for the art fair and photographed Carl Milles’s Sunday Morning in Deep Waters on the University of Michigan campus for the first time, despite having previously lived in the town for about 20 years.

2 This sidewalk grating is in front of the university’s Hill Auditorium, where many years ago I listened to Robert Frost read his poetry.

Not as well recognised as other monuments on the campus of my alma mater, this metal slab along a sidewalk nonetheless drew my attention.

4 Most yellows are my least favorite color, but this wall on a Main Street building was irresistible.

5 Visiting my daughter and daughter-in-law in Madison, I woke to morning light glowing through the window.

6 The window shade and curtains looked quite different an hour and fifteen minutes later.

7 The Abel Contemporary Gallery was in a different location under a different name in 2008, but the owner and many of the artists were the same. The building was a former dairy with a funky window

8 Taking a break from cooking (I’m guessing; I don’t really remember, but she is a fantastic cook), my daughter-in-law was as striped as the rest of the back porch.