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2022 Visit to the Farm

October 16, 2022

Last month David and I spent another enchanted time at my friend’s family farmstead in Pennsylvania. You may have seen photographs from last year’s visit or earlier ones. It’s getting hard to find subjects to photograph there that I haven’t already photographed, but I managed to find a few.

1 A good fog gave me some opportunities I hadn’t had at the farm before.

2 The fog kept lifting and falling.

3 I was still fluffing itself around when I went in for breakfast.

4 The house has many mirrors. I hope I have not photographed them all yet.

5 Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the nicest lamp of all?

6 We stayed in this bedroom last year.


8 The bedstead in front of this old window belongs to one of six or seven beds on the second-floor sleeping porch, usually reserved for visiting children.

9 Many chairs in the farmhouse have been captured by my camera, but never this one. It may be a new addition.

10 I’ve photograph from this point on the stairs between the second and third floors several times but never exactly this way (I checked).

11 Rendered in black and white, it’s easier to see the lines on this wall. Just now, creating this post, the marks remind me of a map of an ancient city.

12 I photographed this bathtub another way in 2019.

13 If the house were to have the same people living in it year round, as it did in the old days, instead of hosting a rotating group of family and friends, this  felicitous combination of clothes hooks and golf ball might not be tolerated long. I’m happy to have arrived on the scene before someone tidied up.

14 A dormer window in one of the bedrooms offers the most minimalist souvenir of another enjoyable time at the farm.