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Good Luck in Nokomis

February 17, 2013

Janet and I have been looking for new and exciting places to take photographs and pretty much striking out at finding them. But two weeks ago we tried Nokomis—a couple of towns south of Sarasota—and lucked out. We found an old building that had been an ice house in the 1920s, long before a hurricane removed the upper stories. According to a nearby plaque on the Legacy Bike Trail, which runs in back of the building, “The Venice Ice Company produced 20 tons of ice a day to serve the southern part of the [Sarasota] county.” Sounds like a lot of ice until you remember that these were the days before electric refrigeration. I was especially happy to find industrial fans along the back of the building, perhaps installed by Emery for his welding business. We were fortunate to meet Emery himself and his dog Dandy on the porch.