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Wisconsin Interlude—2

October 3, 2021

In the morning of our leaving day, my daughter and her wife took me on a sidewalk tour of an industrial part of Madison. We walked home up Willy Street. Although I enjoyed all the time I spent in nature on this visit, my favorite photographs are from this walk.

1 I saw so many grids on the walk. Here’s the first.

2 Many were grid upon grid.

3 I don’t understand how wire this thick can be woven.

4 This grid photograph includes one of my favorite things (to photograph): rust.

5 Grids can have unintended uses.

6 Several buildings in the area are clad in corrugated steel.

7 This one was painted—and rusted.

8 This one had its regularity interrupted in a different way.

9 I like buildings that inadvertently display their history.

10 Here’s a closer look at the top of the 2.

11 A little mix and match of styles

12 A decommissioned mailbox in the neighborhood offered an abstract design where a mail slot used to be.

13 Another grid, another opportunity for a plant

14 A closer look

15 It took a while to figure out that the red object is an outdoor fire escape lying on its side.

16 The dried Pepperwort (Lepidium campestre) reminds me of some henna tattoos.

17 A construction site nearby offered this mystery.

18 And pavement offered this one.

19 “Which Buddha” was the question in a Willy Street antique store window.

20 You won’t find “Willy Street” on a map, but the locals never say “Williamson Street.”