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After-Dinner Light

March 20, 2022

This past Monday I walked around the neighborhood with the camera after dinner. I’ve mentioned before that my prefered time to take photographs is in the morning. One reason is that when you lose the really good light, you can still shoot in the less-good light. In the evenings, when you lose the really good light, you have to give up shooting—unless you lug a tripod, and I don’t like to lug a tripod. I’m happy that I was able to take advantage of our new Daylight Savings Time and find these photographs. The light was interesting, well worth the extra time I had to spend in Lightroom to make them look the way I wanted.

1 First stop: Rock Pond with the sun just beginning to set.

2 Weeds near Wildflower Hill glowed in the slanted light.

3 So did these on the hill.

Some of the grasses retained a bit of green.

5 White aster seed heads were everywhere on Wildflower Hill.

6 Remnants of vines persisted.

7 Some of the swamp milkweed hadn’t finish dispersing the next generation.

8 From this perspective trees looked like giant weeds at the top of Wildflower hill.

9 The moon waited for its turn as nature’s primary illumination.

10 And facing the other way on the hill a bit later, it looked like it wouldn’t have long to wait.