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Trying Out the New Camera

April 25, 2021

Six forty-five is not early enough to catch the sun before it gets up in northeast Ohio. I didn’t make it to Island Pond until the sun pretty much stopped illuminating the clouds with pink light. And Old Sol didn’t stick around very long after that. I was hoping that the new camera would be inspiration enough to overtake the gloom of the day. Eh. It didn’t work out that way. But here are four images taken with my new mirrorless Nikon Z7ii. Many controls and settings are similar to those on my DSLR Nikon D600, but there’s still a lot to learn (like better focusing) and mistakes to correct. (I thought I had the camera set to take RAW images, but I guess not; they turned out to be JPEGs. Now the camera is set for RAW.)

1 The sun itself was looking a little pink as it was reflected in Island Pond, and some of the clouds were almost pink.

2 The baby water lilies were pink.

3 It had been a long time since I’d had the use of a long lens. My new one stretches to 200 mm, long enough for someone who doesn’t like being tethered to a tripod. These are wild-cherry blossoms.

4 The new lens even let me catch this watchful robin at the top of a small tree.