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I Don’t Photograph People, Usually

April 12, 2023

One genre of photography I rarely participate in is street photography—or any kind of photography of people. My late friend Janet, with whom I went on many photo outings, had a special talent for taking photographs of people. She knew how to make them comfortable in front of a camera. I don’t. Between November 2001 and today, I’ve only taken 17 photographs of people that are shareworthy. All but two are of people who didn’t know I was taking their photograph. And I’m not sure about one of those. You may have seen some of these photos over the 12 years of this blog.

1 Sarasota, Florida 2008: For many years Janet and I would mingle with the people attending the annual motorcycle rally in Sarasota known as Thunder by the Bay. Many participants wandered around with cameras, so we didn’t stick out all that much.

2 Sarasota, Florida 2009: This biker definitely saw me.

3 Sarasota, Florida 2008: I can’t remember if the guy on the right ever shook the other man’s hand.

4 Tokyo, Japan 2005

5 Sarasota, Florida 2006

6 Sarasota, Florida 2004

7 Sarasota, Florida 2004: A construction worker cleans up in the early morning light.

8 Sarasota, Florida 2006

9 Madison, Wisconsin 2008

10 Sarasota, Florida 2006: I was photographing the shadows and other shapes in this alley when this woman came along and ruined my composition. No, wait. She didn’t.

11 Longboat Key, Florida 2006

12 Sarasota, Florida 2006

13 Sarasota, Florida 2006

14 Denver, Colorado 2004

15 Sarasota, Florida 2008

16 St. Armands Key, Florida 2012

17 Henrietta Township, Ohio 2009