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In Mr. Schoepfle’s Garden, May 2016—1

May 23, 2016

Once I photographed some charming outbuildings down the street and never saw the groundhog looking back at me between them until after I’d printed the photo. I saw her just in time to include her in the title. I never seem to really pay attention to the inner part of the poppy flower until I see it enlarged on the computer. Here is a close crop of the first thing I photographed yesterday as I took a break from packing.

Update of May 25: Don’t you just love serendipity? Look what I found on a piece of paper while clearing off yet another shelf, readying for the Great Move. This is from photographer John Rosenthal:

“Sometimes a photograph offers the photographer a gift he didn’t expect, a marvelous detail—what the eye longing for meaning sees unconsciously, and includes. How wonderful it is that the decision to take a photograph is mysterious—giving us, like love, more than we bargained for.”


05222016 Schoepfle Garden-1