Linda Grashoff's Photography Adventures


Some Schoepfle Garden Take-Away

May 24, 2021

Here are some photographs from two recent trips to Schoepfle Garden.

1 Sun shining on ripples always catches my attention.

2 The previous photograph shows the shale riverbed. This one shows water flowing over some glacial erratics resting on the shale.

3 Yesterday I arrived too late for morning light to illuminate the films of Leptothrix discophora that I found. By the time I got to Schoepfle, the sun was almost overhead, and the film doesn’t show its colors then. But a few weeks earlier I was surprised to find several instances of the films.

4 I expect to find more of the films as the warm weather continues.

5 This is a close crop of the previous photograph.

6 In mid-April some trees were just beginning to leaf out.

7 I’d never seen these flowers before yesterday. My resident botanist says they are not native and are “in the lily family.” When I asked if they were lilies, he said no. This combination of information must make sense to some people.

8 In mid-April the sweet Williams weren’t entirely overrun by May apples.

9 On my way home yesterday, I stopped in the road to photograph this field of buttercups.