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Back to the Farm—2

July 4, 2021

As mentioned in numerous posts (including last week’s), our visits to our friend’s family’s farm in southwestern Pennsylvania are filled with great conversation, jigsaw puzzles, Rummikub games, and feasts. But we do get outdoors, too. Last month I took a few photographs of the grounds around the house and for the first time circumnavigated the neighbor’s hayfield.

1 The pine tree at the side of the house supports a variety of life.

2 Looking past the pine tree, you see the view beyond the driveway.

3 The catalpa tree isn’t quite as old as the house.

4 I wonder if the children who grew up here ever pretended, as I did, that catalpa blossoms were popcorn.

5 The backyard birdbath takes in the morning sun . . .

6 . . . and the afternoon rain.

7 Around the hayfield some views had many clouds . . .

8 . . . this one just one . . .

9 . . . this one none.

10 A few trees look as if they had been planted in the field.

11 Some clouds had a pinkish tinge long before sunset.

12 A break in the surrounding woods afforded this view, so different from the flatlands where I live.