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Schoepfle Garden, the Cull from Three Visits

October 18, 2020

In all of 2020 so far, I have only been to Schoepfle Garden, my old hunting grounds, four times. Until March, I was a sissy about the cold. Then came the pandemic and our lockdown. So the first time I went was August 9. I was so rusty that I came away with only one photograph, the first one in this post. I went again once in September and twice so far this month. This is the cull from the first three trips.

This tree is almost on the bank of the river. The other shore is bounded by a cliff. So when the high-enough sun pours through the leaves of the tree, the cliff is left in the dark, and the trunk and branches are in silhouette.

2 The leaves were just beginning to turn September 26.

3 I have a hard time distinguishing poison ivy from Virginia creeper. Good thing I’m immune.

4 I have been trying for years to make a photograph I like with these meandering tree roots on the bank of the river. Finally, on October 10, I saw them as contrast to the vertical tree trunks above the floodplain.

5 It’s been a while since I’ve clambered on top of this rock to sit and take in the peace around me. Waters of spring thaws have scooped out the soil around it, making the top higher from the ground, thwarting my attempts.

6 It’s still worth visiting what I call Peace Rock, though. Especially when the knotweed flowers at its base catch a shaft of sunlight.

7 I never walked across the river this year to see the more spectacular evidence of Leptothrix discophora, but this subtle version, a young film, still satisfies the craving for my favorite bacterium.

8 And this tiny patch, about three inches high, is a little thrill.