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From the Archives of 2008—10

November 14, 2022

Here’s a sprinkling of photographs I took at various locations near or along Ohio’s Vermilion River in 2008.

The datura flowers at Schoepfle Garden were a frequent subject of my photographs in 2008. Here a fly contemplates the flower’s stamens and pistils.

2 This photograph as well as those numbered 3 through 7 and 9 through 11 were taken at Schoepfle Garden.



Schoepfle Garden usually has a large stand of the Wyoming variety of canna lilies.

6 While the Wyoming’s flowers are attractive enough, the leaves are what interest me the most.


In a scene gruesome but graphically appealing, these flies were caught in a spider web over the river.


10 An almost-waterfall was letting loose from the top of this cliff while mist still hovered over the river.


12 Over the bridge from Schoepfle Garden the river winds through an area accessed with a treacherous path not not quite visible in the far left part of this photo.

13 The treacherous path is worth negotiating to find scenes colored like this.

14 The Vermilion River flows through a park called Mill Hollow, about six miles from Schoepfle Garden. The shale rocks at Mill Hollow are a lighter color than those at Schoepfle.