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Spring and Other Diversions

May 22, 2022

While spring has been progressing around my neighborhood, I continue to find joy in things much more mundane. We’ll start with images of spring.

1 When I arrived at the Buttonbush Vernal Pool two painted turtles were on the mound. By the time I left, seven minutes and 31 exposures later, 10 had climbed up for the orgy.

2 Leaving the turtles to their own activities I turned to find this Marsh Marigold in the pool.

3 I don’t know when I have enjoyed dandelions more than this year. David asked me why. I think it has to do with getting older. I had one of those birthdays that end in a zero last month. Many things I took for granted (or worse) now seem to present me with their beauty.

4 This crabapple tree is steps away from my front door.

5 The rest of these photographs were taken in or near our groundskeeping area. These leaves were resting in some water in a plastic barrel.

6 Ah, a new dumpster in the area gave me some pleasure.

7 Friends Ruth and Mary turned this dumpster image on its side and found a waterscape.

8 I usually go out of my way to avoid photographing things that hide faces or creatures of any sort. But this section of the dumpster and those in the next two images were too hard to resist.

9 Not everyone sees that same things.

10 For example, my friend Kathy saw a foot reaching out for a step on a ladder that might not hold. I saw a squirrel leaping for a tree.

11 But enough foolishness. Here is a pure shape with lovely coloring.

12 Detail of #11

13 A large tank—maybe a big water heater—had interesting markings.

14 The fencing had rearranged itself since the last time I photographed it.

15 Sunlight dappled some of it.

16 Metal hoses presented a study in tones.