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From the Archives of 2008—5

March 13, 2022

Ready for another dose of archives? (In journalism school we were advised never to ask a question that could be answered simply “no.” Oh, well.) Working on income taxes has kept me from photographic outings, but not, apparently, from playing with my archived photographs. What better way is there for a photographer to escape however briefly the drudgery, anxiety, and other negatives of life presenting themselves especially these days? This collection contains more photos from Florida, these having to do with nature.

1 Tannic water runs over white sand in a tributary of the Myakka River.

2 In the greenhouse of Sarasota’s Marie Selby Botanical Gardens sun blasts through a Dryopteris fern.

3 Outdoors at Selby a hibiscus is in bloom.

4 Back in the greenhouse a crozier of the Asplenium fern unfurls.

5 A grownup Asplenium fern leaf is nearby.

6 A willow weeps over another section of the Myakka River tributary.

7 The Australian-native Moreton Bay fig tree at Selby attracts me on every visit.

8 The north end of Longboat Key, a barrier island off Sarasota proper, collects driftwood.

9 And the driftwood collects barnacles.

10 Though it’s just a part of Longboat Key, this section of the beach is known as Beer Can Island, for reasons I leave you to guess.