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From the Archives of 2007—5

March 28, 2021

The year 2007 was one of traveling around Ohio. Here are some photographs of the built environment in this state, plus two animals.

1 In September 2007 my friend Britt and I drove to the Flats in Cleveland to see what we could see. The old buildings were most interesting to me. I’d guess that this empty space was originally some kind of factory. I wonder if it was renovated for another use. Much of the Flats is now converted to entertainment venues, and I wonder what impact the pandemic is having on their viability.

2 Brave sumac!

3 The structure on the right is the Detroit–Superior Bridge.

4 This window within a window is in Wellington, the next town south of Oberlin.

5 So is this oddly cut-in doorway. A recent trip showed this spot spiffed up. You know which look I prefer.

6 A residential backyard in Darby Township, outside Columbus, is home to this small greenhouse.

7 Some deftly placed wire is holding in the headlight on an old truck in Wellington.

8 With my back to the old truck, I photographed this wall of an even older building, recently destroyed by fire.

9 A utility pole does duty as a bulletin board in the Flats.

10 A kitty guards a porch in Darby Township.

11 As evening falls on the ferry to Port Clinton from South Bass Island, the sun picks out the edges of a car and lights the backdrop for a gull.