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Well, I Liked It

March 9, 2014

The last time Janet and I went to Cortez (December 8) I fell in love with this metal tub. There are a lot of tubs like this around the docks. I think the fishing boats offload their catch into them. This one was pretty beat up, though, and was being used as a dumpster. I photographed it from all sides and all angles, becoming more and more enamored with the patina, the reflections of blue sky, the scuff and paint marks on it, its dings and rough edges. I didn’t see the dog in back of me until he came around the side. I don’t think much of his opinion.

12082013 Cortez-16


12082013 Cortez-17


12082013 Cortez-18


12082013 Cortez-20


12082013 Cortez-24


12082013 Cortez-84


12082013 Cortez-85