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Okay, I Do Photograph Flowers

June 5, 2022

I have said over the years on this blog that I don’t photograph flowers. And then I show my exceptions. Now that my husband is developing a major garden in our community, I need to go there and look around to see what he has done. And I might as well bring the camera. Here is the haul from May 27.  The first of the six photos of irises is from the walk over to the garden, and the fourth one is from the walk back home.

1 This iris was in front of a neighbor’s dark red brick wall that I made much darker.

2 I have a visceral reaction to this color blue. I want to fall into it.




7 David had a hard time tracking down and ordering this old-fashioned peony. He has very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to plants. One of those he dislikes is the peony most of us are used to seeing—the one whose blooms droop down in the rain because they are heavy with so many petals.

8 Our complex is replete with columbine, but except for what David planted in the Courtyard Garden, they’re all modern hybrids. This one is the wild type.

9 I’ve long thought that there is something special about bleeding hearts. Maybe that’s because when I was about eight, my girlfriend Dorothy showed me her mother’s bleeding-heart plant in their backyard. She was downright reverent in presenting it.

10 Lynn at has her own take on this plant in her May 29 Bluebrightly post. Who can resist a maidenhair fern?

11 Redbud-tree flowers are some of my favorites, partly because they come so early in the season. But the developing seed pods are awfully attractive, too, when the sun shines through them.