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More Snow!

January 30, 2022

Since the last post, I’ve been out with the camera three times, catching all the snow I can (through the lens). I think we’ve had at least a little snowfall every day this week. Since I’ve had to drive very little, and someone else does all the shoveling, I’ve done nothing but enjoy it.

1 When the sky wasn’t white, it was grey with a smudge of wintry sun.

2 Our poor old corkscrew willow is enhanced by snow on its larger branches.

3 When the snows started, last Sunday, our trees with berries (or are these crabapples?) were teeming with robins.

4 Dried weeds can be more appealing than green ones.

5 Snow-topped teasels resemble cotton bolls.

6 The benches around Heiser Pond may have a long wait for company.





11 Some of the plant stems (I think these are sedges) visible from our Troll Bridge are still green.