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A Trip to Sheldon Marsh, Part 2

August 28, 2022

The previous post was about my photographic disappointments. There aren’t any change-the-world photos in this second post about Sheldon Marsh, but I’m not embarrassed by any of them. I may be happiest when I can see an abstract composition in what I’m looking at* and when I can get close to my subject. If you have not yet looked at Mic.’s black and white photographs from our joint outing, be sure to see what he has posted at Landscapes and Other Abstractions.

*Rather than, say, try to capture the feeling of a place

1 No wonder it took tasting the water before European explorers could be really sure that the Great Lakes were not the Pacific Ocean. Lake Erie has the look of the sea.

2 Beach vegetation

3 Driftwood has the same look here as on some Florida beaches.


5 What washes ashore may look a bit different—no jellyfish, for example.

6 But lines indicating where the waves have reached look the same.

7 When I first saw the dark smudges in the sand, my immediate thought was that industrial pollution was responsible. Now I think they are more likely decomposed organic matter.


9 The shells are decidedly smaller.

10 And in general not as colorful.



13 What will I do differently the next time I visit Sheldon Marsh?