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Walking around Downtown Oberlin

November 15, 2020

Schoepfle Garden? My neighborhood? Downtown? I had a hard time deciding where to go last Sunday. I’ve enjoyed photographing objects so much lately, which I could find downtown, but on a gloriously sunny day, how could I pass up fall color? Turned out that I had my cake and ate it, too. It was all in downtown Oberlin.

1 Red for the maple now, but winter’s black is not far behind.

2 And red for this oak tree, too! I have never seen an oak tree with leaves this red.


4 And I’ve never noticed a bald cypress in this brilliant an orange.

5 The utility lines make me think of a musical staff; the sweet gum leaves are the notes.

6 How many colors can Boston ivy display?

7 Sometimes it’s just red.

8 Or just red and orange.

9 Sometimes shadows are more interesting than the things themselves.

10 And sometimes reflections are more interesting than things themselves.

11 I’m not sure these colors and shapes are good for the window, but they’re good for the photographer.

12 What would a trip into town be without at least one good dumpster sighting?

13 This is my favorite dumpster in Oberlin. (The previous and following photographs are also of this dumpster.)


15 This electrical cabinet has a dumpster look to it.


17 I hope no one ever cleans up behind this window.

18 Fall light comes in low; how nice.

19 This photograph is nearly identical to one I took in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1970.