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Neighborhood Glimpses

October 23, 2022

It’s been a while since my neighborhood appeared on this blog. Here are some photographs taken in August, September, and October.

1 A week ago the camera found some examples of fall foliage. These are willows at the edge of Rock Pond.

2 Trees were beginning to turn color around Island Pond, too.

3 Just ahead on my walk a maple peeked through pine boughs.

4 All over the neighborhood hosta leaves are beginning their transformation.



7 Lichen on a wooden railing paired well with the background in August.

8 Dumpster hunting that month yielded some discarded screening in one of them.

9 I was only able to catch the essence of hummingbird in August.

10 In September the same colors decorated an asphalt spreader in a parking lot.


12 Manipulation of a different view of the spreader took the image into another mood.


14 When the sun shines directly on this window in our community center, and if you look at it from a certain angle, this is what you see. The other windows in the same bank of windows show no similar effect. What causes this appearance is a mystery to me.

15 This is not a mystery. It is a very long garter snake.

16 A new walkway is visited by honey-locust leaves.