Linda Grashoff's Photography Adventures


A Sunny December Day at Schoepfle Garden

December 15, 2019

It was cold, but the sun was shining when I went back to Schoepfle Garden last Sunday morning. My toes felt frozen by the time I turned toward home, but I had had a delightful time poking around the garden. It was fun to photograph ice; I’m usually in warmer climes at this time of the year and don’t see much of it. The color of the river was unusual, clear at the margins, murky green toward the middle, and in some places blue, reflecting sky.

1 Sycamores like to grow right on the edges of the river.

2 Another, older, sycamore: I was taken by how fiercely it clung to the shore.

3 Day-lily leaves die so gracefully—

4 as do some palm fronds (photographed in Florida in February).

The shale shoreline always gets to me. Here is it graced by leaves, mostly oak, and what I think is frozen foam.

6 These water-lily leaves in the Front Pond were surrounded by ice that was freezing in interesting ways.

7 Ice was forming in similar patterns in other parts of the garden. This is water in what I call the Peace Pool.

8 The water flow was so slow that ice even formed on the edges of the river.

9 Water, now frozen, filled a groove in the shale shore at one of my favorite spots.