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Iron Oxide

Disappointment at Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park

January 19, 2020

We locals just call it Mill Hollow, but where I went with my new friend Rebecca two weeks ago is officially called Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park. It was another toe-freezing day, and perhaps if I hadn’t felt physically uncomfortable, I’d have seen more. But as you’ll find out if you read the words below the last few photographs below, there was another reason to be disappointed.

1 Now this was fun—seeing evidence of three kinds of precipitation throughout our walk.

2 And this old dead tree kept both of us fascinated for quite some time.




6 Another dead tree made me think of Chinese scroll paintings of mountains and trees.

7 And I enjoyed seeing the verticality of the woods interrupted by twisting wild-grape vines.

8 But in a landscape colored mostly like this . . .

9 . . . it was a special treat to see rows and rows of large red hedges.

10 They were even along a temporary pond whose water I’m sure was colored by iron deposits precipitated by the iron bacteria.



13 Alas, as I found out later from my botanist husband, this beauty belongs to the rampantly invasive Japanese knotweed. Enjoyment cancelled.