Linda Grashoff's Photography Adventures

Iridescence along the River 3

August 2, 2018

4 responses

  1. I guess you knew how good this was when you shot it! Excellent!!!


    August 2, 2018 at 10:02 AM

    • Thanks, Ken. I could see right away that it was a pretty spectacular patch of Leptothrix discophora, but I never know if the photo will really work out until I download and take it into Lightroom.


      August 2, 2018 at 11:31 AM

  2. This is a beauty, with the field of pewter-y softness and then those tiny, detailed rays in the upper right corner.


    August 4, 2018 at 12:12 PM

    • Thanks, Lynn. I hope you clicked on the image to see it big time. The rays are puckers that show the film is drying out. You can see the puckering better in the larger image.


      August 4, 2018 at 1:39 PM

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