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Summer at Home

September 12, 2021

This summer was spent languishing at home, not even venturing out with the camera much. With cooler days ahead and some nonphotographic projects mostly behind me, I hope to be paying renewed attention to my surroundings and sharing more often what I see. The following photos are ones I took between the end of June and five days ago.

1 You’ll have to check out the comments for the big reveal about what is depicted in this photo. Hint: The title is Call Me Marcel.

2 Not much mystery here. This is the top of an oil drum spotted in our groundskeeping service yard. I blacked out the context in Photoshop.

3 Not far from the oil drum this creature was slithering on the gravel.

4 Same location, different day, new discovery.

5 “I am laughing out loud at this little marginal cone,” a friend wrote when she saw this photograph. “What a study in oppression!”

6 What a difference the angle of light can make.

7 Googling, I learned that this can be called a strip door curtain or a strip curtain door. This one was at a loading dock in our community.

8 These Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta) inhabit a small pond in our community’s Courtyard Garden, which my husband is developing.

9 In summer Island Pond is sprinkled with carnivorous Bladderworts (Utricularia vulgaris).

10 This Black Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) overhangs the walkway along our ring road.

11 Our community is experimenting with no-mow grass. I’m experimenting with Silver Efex Pro.