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From the Archives of 2007—6

August 10, 2021

The post called From the Archives of 2007—5 featured photographs taken in Ohio. This post brings you more Ohio photos and is the last in the series of photos from the 2007 archives.

1 Taking a walk while my car was being serviced, I found the West Creek Reservation.

2 A walk near Columbus took me past this tire swing.

3 The filename of this photograph says I took it in Columbus the day before I photographed the tire swing.

4 This turtle is a resident of Darby Creek, but whether this is Big Darby Creek or Little Darby Creek I don’t remember. They’re both outside Columbus.

5 Sometimes a Leptothrix discophora film doesn’t quite dry out after being lowered down by receding water. This leaf was along the Vermilion River on the Mill Hollow side of the Vermilion River Reservation.

6 At Mill Hollow I took 10 or 15 photos of leaves floating by in a shallow part of the river.

7 During the ferry-boat ride to Port Clinton from South Bass Island the setting sun lit the waves.

8 Same ferry-boat ride; different lighting on Lake Erie