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O Beautiful Electrical Box

March 8, 2014

Intentional camera movement (ICM) isn’t only for trees. This is an electrical box having something to do with the traffic lights at the corner of Mound and Orange, in Sarasota. I took it during my December long way home from farmer’s market. Again, it’s the early morning light that does the trick. As I’ve written in previous posts, I struggle to find meaning in photographs I take with ICM. Yesterday I may have begun to unravel their significance for me. The ratio of ICM keepers to discarders is very low. When an ICM photo works out for me, it’s a lovely surprise. And that’s the biggest part of why I like doing ICM. The thrill is in the process: the surprise part, the not-being-totally-in-control part that still results in something I like to look at. I’ve long admired others’ art that shows elements of spontaneity but have found it difficult or impossible to incorporate spontaneity into my own work. Until recently.

12072013 WHFM-280