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Close to Home 5

June 8, 2020

It’s been three weeks since the last post, and three weeks since I finally decided not to push my luck with the external hard drive that houses my Lightroom catalog and all my photographs. I had been seeing just too many corrupted files as I was going through the archives. So I have not turned on that drive except to try repairs. My attempts didn’t work, and I’m waiting for an IT person at my former place of employment to get back to me with her suggestions. I have a backup of all but the most recent downloads, so all will not be lost. But still . . .

Meanwhile, here are a few photographs I took around my neighborhood last year that I don’t think I’ve posted and a few more that I downloaded before declaring my drive dangerous to use. Maybe by next week I will have repaired the damaged files and transferred the uncorrupted ones to my new drive. But if I can’t repair them, I have a question for other photographers or techies reading this post: Will cloning corrupted files to a brand-new hard drive hurt the new drive? I have thousands of photographs, and to go through them all to find those that are corrupt would take a bit of time. If you’d rather not put your recommendations in the comments section, you may used the email form in the About section of this blog.

Tree reflected in Buttonbush Vernal Pool, May 5, 2019

2 Ghosts on Wildflower Hill, June 15, 2019

Waterlily leaves in Meadow Pond, May 3, 2020

4 The last—for a while—sunset through bare branches, May 7, 2020

5 Dumpster discovered in the groundskeeping area of our community

The side of the dumpster in full sun

7 Another side of the dumpster

8 Detail of an untitled sculpture by Forbes Whiteside on the Kendal at Oberlin grounds