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From the Archives of 2006—2

December 6, 2020

The new guardians should be ready to show themselves next week. Meanwhile, here are more photographs from my archives. I spent more time in Ohio than Florida in 2006, but it looks like I took more photographs in Florida. See if you can tell when the locale shifts in the photos below.

1 We start with the Vermilion River, where I spent time nearly every week when I was in Ohio.

2 The golden color in the water is not a reflection of a sunset or sunrise but of fall’s turning leaves along the bank.

3 For many years Schoepfle Garden planted Datura on the property. I don’t know the name of this butterfly (or is it a moth?). Maybe one of you does.

4 A cliff affords a view of fall leaves against a backdrop of the river.

5 Walking downriver from Schoepfle Garden rewarded me with one of my favorite images of a Leptothrix discophora film.

6 The reddish color of the film shown in the top half of this photograph indicates that it is relatively old.

7 This dumpster may be one of the first ones in my collection. My friend Alan just sent me this relevant link.

8 Did someone position these crates, or did they position themselves?

9 If you guessed that this is a photograph taken in Florida, you’re right. But the Florida photos began with the dumpster.

10 We just don’t paint many buildings pink up north.

11 Or chartreuse or turquoise.

12 This scene makes me think about “The Owl and the Pussycat.” (The meaning of the word “runcible,” BTW, is discussed in Wikipedia.)

13 It’s true that I rarely photograph people, but this relaxed angler and his sweatshirt in Sarasota’s South Lido Park were too good to pass up.

14 As was this offering on Main Street in downtown Sarasota.

15 My alley prowling began in Sarasota. This beauty has many sisters in the area.