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Wandering in Sunny Ohio

December 22, 2019

Last Sunday may have been sunny (yay!), but it was cold. For most of the time I was out, I shot from the car window. It began to warm a bit toward noon, and I ventured out to see what I could see better on foot.

1 Some trees almost beg to have their portrait taken.

2 I have a small collection of lone trees in farmers’ fields. See Cowshade for Ghosts.

3 I don’t see many cows in my peregrinations. But this sweet lady posed nicely for me.

4 As she approached the fence, a few of her friends joined her.

5 And then a few more . . .

6 And a few more . . .

7 Soon the whole gang was there. Until they became bored and drifted away.

8 I got out of the car to catch this millstone. I assume the grooves are from grinding grain. Many people around here display these stones in their yards. I’m glad they do.

9 This is the side that first attracted me.

10 I was happy to see that the coloration was lichens rather than paint.

11 The bits of color on this old metal post could be paint, but I rather think they’re layers of rust.

12 This is part of an old guard rail, I think.


14 The new guard rail is attached to an older post.



17 Walking back to the car, I saw where someone had lost their pull-tab collection.