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Sarasota County Courthouse—Redone, Again

September 10, 2013

According to the Sarasota Herald–Tribune, the Sarasota County Courthouse was renovated four times between 1927, when the original construction was completed, and 1999, so it may be in its fifth makeover. The building is lovely—well worth the time and expense. Janet and I were there to photograph it May 5 of this year. The first two photographs below give you a bit of an overview, the next three some details in early morning light. Even the construction fencing was interesting, and I found fun in a pipe in a back area and the wood of a back door. The Herald–Tribune article mentions pecky cypress, and I wonder if the door is made of it. The other metal thing was in the sidewalk out front.

05052013-Downtown Sarasota-034-Edit


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-141


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-076-Edit


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-084


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-134


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-070


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-001


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-011

05052013-Downtown Sarasota-116


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-037


05052013-Downtown Sarasota-038